Ready for the Boston Marathon? The Race Day Video Playlist

Ready for the Boston Marathon? The Race Day Video Playlist

The Boston Marathon is just about here. In just a few days, many of us will line up at the starting line in Hopkinton and run our dream race. For some of us, it will be your first Boston Marathon and for others it will be the next of many. 

What are you doing to prepare between now and then? What is your Boston Marathon pace strategy? How do you fuel or hydrate for a marathon? These are all questions that the novice and expert racers are going through right now. 

I've created a playlist of videos that I am watching, or really listening to this weekend to get prepared for the race. My goal is slow and steady, enjoy the scene. What is yours?

The Ultimate Boston Marathon Race Day Video Playlist


The first video of the Boston Marathon course preview I share last week with many of the other videos from sites and searches that I used to prepare the list. What Boston Marathon videos should I include?

The area that I am focusing the most on this morning is about fueling and hydration for the race. Here is a great video from The Run Experience on the topic.

Send me suggestions for other videos to include in the playlist.

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