Drink Coffee, Train Happy

Our Mission

Life, Happiness & the Pursuit of the Next Race.

Our Products

26.2 Coffee Company is a runner-founded coffee and lifestyle company offering small-batch coffees to runners of all abilities chasing their race dreams.

From our major race themed "Finisher" line of coffees, including Boston, Chicago, and New York, to the incredible Unicorn Chaser Extra Caffeinated Coffee, our purpose is to support happy runners all the way to the finish line. 

What's next? We are working on completing the major race themes with products for Berlin, London, and Tokyo plus other major marathon and races starting with Paris. We are also working on cool 26.2 themed gear.

How it All Began 

It started 12 years ago today when we had our second daughter Vivienne. Just under two weeks later, my wife Kristen suffered a stroke. Having a stroke at 35 should not happen, correct? But it can, and you should know how to detect it.

She recovered, took up running, and ran the Boston Marathon in 2018 in the worst marathon conditions in history.

That's when I started running for the first time. Not able to walk 500 feet without running out of breath, I started slow, very slow. To keep going, I set a goal and ran in a race every month in 2019, virtually completed the 2020 Boston Marathon (picture to the right), and finally completed Boston in 2022. 

That's My Story, Now What is Yours?

There have been three things that have got me through even the most challenging runs. The first is the running community. Your running stories have inspired me. Second, remember my "why," which is always my family. Finally, coffee! Every day for me and every run starts with a cup. I decided to put it all together into one place with this company.

David Laubner, Owner

What gets you through your long runs? What inspires you?

Giving Back!

We are dedicated to helping charity runners achieve their goals. We donated over $1,000 and counting to support Tedy's Team for the Boston Marathon in 2022 We will have new programs to announce soon on our Facebook page

Update August 21, 2022. We are testing a method to donate 1% of all sales to charity. If successful, we will announce the program in September!