How Can I Run the NYC Marathon If I Did Not Win the Lottery?

How Can I Run the NYC Marathon If I Did Not Win the Lottery?

Congratulations to everyone who got their acceptance into the NYC Marathon yesterday! It was an exciting day online to see everyone post their acceptance emails! I did not get in but my wife, who is also running Chicago, did get in this year!

But what if you did not get into the NYC Marathon via the lottery? How do you run the NYC Marathon now?

So you did not qualify, win the lottery, or were part of the guaranteed entry program for this year? You can still run the race in 2022 though one of 2 options. You can either run for a charity or, if you are from outside the US, you might be able to get a bib though an international tour operator. 

Where can I find a charity to run for this year?

There are plenty of charities that still have big and would love to have you fundraise for them. The list of charities are posted on the NYRR website.

What are the fundraising requirements for running the NYC Marathon for a Charity?

This varies based on the charity and their program, but the minimum fundraising amount for all charities is $3,000.

If I live outside of the US, how do I find a tour operator?

Just like the London Marathon and others in the major 6, there is an allocation of bibs for runners from outside of the country. These list of international tour operators for the NYC Marathon site is posted on the NYRR site as well.

But What if I Love Coffee & I AM Running the NYC Marathon?

I am not sure if this has anything to do with running the marathon but I think we can help you. We are hard at work putting together our next 2 coffees for both the Chicago and the NYC Marathon! Leave a comment of sign up for our newsletter below to get notified.

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Did I miss anything or make a mistake, please leave me a comment?

For the runners who are in, congrats!


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