How do I find a road race near me?

How do I find a road race near me?

You might be training for the New York City Marathon, Chicago Marathon, the Boston Marathon or any of the other six star races on your bucket list.  However, a good marathon training plan is not complete without running a few shorter races during your training. How do you find the other races that will fit your training plans? 

You can start by asking your running buddies, checking your club, or even asking your store. After that, the best and most straightforward approach is to use these handy 11 sites that I use to search for races. These came in handy when I was on a race a month schedule before the pandemic stopped many of our plans.

  1. RunGuides
  2. Running in the USA 
  3. Active
  4. Race-Find
  5. Road Race Runner
  6. Road Runners Club of America
  7. RunSignUp
  8. Calendar
  9. RaceRoster
  11. Find My Marathon

Bonus site to search for an upcoming race? Google! Just type a variation of the race distance with “near me,” and you should find the results from most of the sites above in one place. 

Where can I find all of my past race results in one place? Athlinks will have 80%+ of your previous races already waiting for you to claim. You can ask for them to add races that do not appear in their directory. 

I’ll work on a global version of the list soon. 

Cover Photo by Capstone Events on Unsplash  

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