Relive the Glory, Ten Race Day Videos from Boston Marathon Participants

Relive the Glory, Ten Race Day Videos from Boston Marathon Participants

It's hard to believe that the 2022 Boston Marathon has come and gone and we are already thinking ahead to the Chicago, New York and even the 2023 Boston Marathon. The day was absolutely perfect from the weather, the crowds, and the other participants. It was an amazing experience.

I've found it hard to describe to people what the experience was like so I compiled the complete list of Boston Marathon participant videos. These are videos from runners on the actual day of the marathon. Some of these contain snapshots from each mile of the course.

Have you found yourself running past the Bumble Bees at mile 11 yet? ( #4 video below )

1. My Experience Running 2022 Boston Marathon

Anna from The Running Channel posted this great video on here marathon experience hosted by Destination Marathons.


2. Boston Marathon Full Course, Virtual Run 

Run the Boston Marathon every step of the way with this video from Junxiao of runmemoryflowers .


3. Boston Marathon 2022 Start to Finish

Another full race course video if you just need to see the scream tunnel again from Up & Running.


4. 2022 Boston Marathon Mile 11.6 Bumblebee Cheering Station

I've tried calculating when I would have passed the bees, but still have not found myself yet. Have you?



Another great mile-by-mile running video for the entire race from Alice on a Run.


6. Elizabeth Pehota's Boston Marathon Story 2022

Fans of the New England Revolution will recognize Elizabeth Pehota who, like many of us, was in the Boston Marathon "class of 2020" and then came back to run for real in 2022.


7. Boston Marathon 2022 in 100 seconds

Often time one of the most important moments of race day is overlooked. By not Scott, he catches the porta-johns in all their glory!


 8. 2022 Boston Marathon: Heartbreak Hill Edition

A video view from Heartbreak Hill on race day from Remy_b_Reel


 9. Boston Marathon 2022

JonExplores provides another full race day experience from the course.


10. My Boston Marathon Story

More of a walk through with some on course and race day footage.


Three Bonus Boston Marathon Videos

Here are three more great Boston Marathon participant videos that I could not embed but you can watch on YouTube.

Do you have any great race day videos to share? Please post a link as a comment below and I will add them to the list and maybe share them on our Facebook and Instagram channels. 

You can also relive the glory every morning, with a cup of Boston Finisher Coffee!


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